Healing Stories

"My health has increased three-fold since working with Lorraine. She has always been steadfast, persistent, available and knowledgeable about her energy work. As a practicing psychotherapist, I am acutely aware of the need to balance mind, body and spirit. The gift of energy work is the speed at which issues are resolved, often permanently. My life is truly blessed through allowing Lorraine to balance my being. I rarely have significant health problems, but when I do, Lorraine is contacted before traditional medical. The proof of energy work is in the results that Lorraine graciously gives to her clients."

- Elaine D


"Lorraine has done so much for me over the past few years. I’ve come such a long way, not only with the physical aspects but also the emotional. I don’t think I’ll ever stop going!"

- Kendra


"Healing is a process which takes time and everything I’ve done with Lorraine has made this process quicker and easier. All of the techniques have individual responses for specific needs. I have responded extremely well to all the therapies she offers. I am healthier and happier today than I could have ever dreamed of. This is a very natural way to heal and very simply-it works!"

- Sandy


"I am 55 years old and was a practicing LPN since 1976. At 38, I was diagnosed with MS and my quality of life was declining steadily. After working with Lorraine, I feel I can do more than I have in years. My days are full now and I accomplish what I want much more easily without extreme fatigue. My physical therapist is so impressed with my progress.
Balancing has also helped me maintain a much more positive attitude. This is something that obviously has worked for me and I continue to feel better and better.

- Rachel


"I started working with Lorraine in order to clear weekly migraine headaches and general physical pain. After several cymatherapy and EIP sessions, I now experience a light migraine once every few months."

"The unexpected benefit of this work, for me, has been a deepening relationship with my higher self. I began to receive guidance much more clearly. After five cymatherapy sessions, my higher self began speaking through my voice. I now channel guidance for others. Thank you, Lorraine, for facilitating this process."

- Susan


"I can't express how grateful I am for the care my family and I receive from Lorraine Lajoie. We have been seeing Lorraine for over 10 years now. After having my second child, I had been dealing with severe chronic headaches, greasy skin and hair, and other hormonal changes . I went to see Lorraine, and shortly after, the headaches disappeared, as well as all the other uncomfortable issues I was having. I also had been dealing with a nagging pain in my right shoulder which had been aching for over a year. I didn't bring it up at my appointment, since it was not my first concern, but she picked up that there was something going on. Since that day I have not had an ache in that shoulder! This is just a brief example of how Lorraine has helped me in achieving optimal health. My family and I will continue to see Lorraine for our overall health and balance, and we look forward to the wonderful care she gives. Lorraine truly has a gift that she wants to share, and it is evident in all aspects of her practice."

- Christin


I am a 58 year old nurse who works in a nursing home. Several years ago, I was injured by a resident tugging on my arm with great force. I sought the help of several practitioners and nothing was making much of a difference in my level of discomfort. I had a lot of pain and limited mobility that also affected my ability to sleep. When Lorraine began offering Cymatherapy sessions, I thought it would be worth a try. I felt any type of surgery was totally out of the question.

By the third session, I had complete relief. I had total range of motion, no pain and was sleeping on the shoulder without waking up at night. I was so amazed with this technique and I am still free of pain….that was over 3 years ago!

- Maggie


There’s been a huge change in my health since I’ve started working with Lorraine. My reoccurring sinus infections are a thing of the past and my anxiety level continues to get better and better.

- Karen


When I started seeing Lorraine for improvements with my health, I was experiencing some significant symptoms. I had weakness in my legs and problems with balance, which would cause me to trip and fall often. I had neuropathy and pain in the lower part of my legs and was very uncomfortable during the night. I also had high blood pressure and refused to go on prescription medication because of the side effects. With balancing using kinesiology and cymatherapy, I now am so much better. My legs are strong and the pain and numbness has greatly improved. My balance is not an issue anymore and the last few times we’ve taken my blood pressure, it’s been normal….without medication!

I feel Lorraine is truly a blessing.

- Patricia


I can't tell you the difference I have seen in Kennedy since Friday, because words are not enough.
I can see and feel the changes. Jess and the baby are like inseparable now. Kennedy follows her around the house with her eyes like I have never seen before. The baby is sleeping better. She smiles more. All around better.
When we got home Friday Jess had a total meltdown of emotions. The reflux still seems to be an issue but we did do some rice again and everything was good. Time will tell I guess.
Thank you for everything

- Dave


I just wanted to tell you - Thank You - you saved me from having surgery. My carpal tunnel is GONE. I have no more pain. I can't believe it only took a couple of sessions! My hands do not even get numb at night and in the morning anymore. Your a lifesaver. Thanks again.



Our weekly sessions have healed stiff painful aching joints, reduced edema, healed drying aged skin, renewed me from the cellular to the emotional to the etheric levels of my being. I'm centering on living a joyous productive life and I am eternally grateful for the gift of your practice in my life.

- Ashana


After having severe pain in a molar, I saw my dentist who said I needed a root canal. After doing a lot of research on this subject, I decided not to go that “root”. I asked Lorraine about it and she suggested doing Cymatherapy and after just one session, I was literally pain-free! My dentist still insisted on doing the procedure and when I refused he said to me, “you will be back to have it done”. That was 3 years ago and (knock on wood) it still feels great!

- Fran