Self-help techniques

The following are a few techniques that have been designed to be simple, easy and effective. Their simplicity is deceptive as the results are often profound. These techniques have been tried by millions of people throughout the world and are found to be consistently effective, in subtle or dramatic ways.


This is a simple exercise you can do for quick general balancing. For example, this is how you would Zip-Up the Central Meridian which runs straight up the center of the body. Taking the hand from the pubic bone up to the lower lip reinforces the normal flow of energy in this major meridian and serves to help clear general energy blocks, especially related to energy which needs to leave the body. Repeat 3 times.


“Switching” is apparent during reading or writing when numbers or letters are visually reversed or when we mix up people’s names. It also can occur when we are stressed or fatigued. For this reason, it is a good idea to Switch On periodically especially before a balance.
One way to Switch On is by tapping the outsides of the hands together for a count of around 20 then tap the top lip for the same amount of time. Another way to Switch On is to hold one hand over the naval and with the other hand, rub in the depression below the collar bone/breastbone junctions (K 27). Switch hands 3 times.

Tune In

Since the acupuncture system of the whole body is repeated in miniature in the ears, we can balance the whole system just by working with the ears with a technique called Tune In. Massaging the ears has some surprising benefits. First, turn your head from side to side and notice the range and sense of comfort, tension or pain. Now firmly take hold of - and unfold as you do – the turned over part of the ear. Pull firmly away from the opening of the ear. Continue around and down to the ear lobe, pulling away from the orifice. Recheck any ranges of motion to notice any improvements.

For more details, refer to the Touch For Health manual.